We strive to create furniture that will be admired for generations.

Implement in its present form began in a garage in Aurora, Nebraska in 2008, but our roots go much deeper. For many years prior to forming Implement we focused on crafting custom cabinets and kitchens. But as commissions for original pieces increased we expanded our vision and our staff. In 2010, we moved out of the garage and now occupy a large design space that allows us to experiment, collaborate and create with greater freedom.

All our designers have between 15 to 25 years of hands-on woodworking experience. Our collective furniture styles include mid-century modern, contemporary, rustic, vintage, minimalist, funky chic and eclectic. Some of us are self-taught, others have formal training. But what all our designers have in common is a desire to express our personalities and passion through our work, and our willingness to trust our instincts and unique sources of inspiration. We strive to create furniture that will be used and admired for generations.
We use reclaimed wood in much of our work because of its individuality and ability to surprise and delight. It’s important to let the wood speak for itself, and we revel in unlocking the mystery within the grain. Hardware is used sparingly so as to not distract from the natural beauty of the wood. By working in limited numbers we keep furniture designs fresh. Many of our pieces are one-of-a-kind while others are limited to a single calendar year. This serves to keep things interesting for us as well as those who use our furniture.
We also actively source local, domestic, and environmentally-friendly products whenever possible because the quality is higher and because it supports businesses within our community and our region.
Customer service is extremely important to us. Please let us know if you’d like white glove delivery or have any special requests. If you are inspired by a particular piece but the size isn’t right for your space, do get in touch so we can discuss customizing it for you. We welcome your comments and questions and look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you for visiting Implement.